• From Flowers…

  • And Jeweled Wonderlands…

  • …To Furnishings

    One of the most exciting components of planning your wedding is selecting the decor. As you may have guessed, knowing that we offer an abundance of breathtaking decor (worth over half of a million dollars and growing), we love it too!


What's your Style

    Your Venue…

      Memrical Design Studio will work with any indoor/outdoor venue in the Eastern Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa region to set-up and tear-down your.

    Your Design…

    From sleek lounge furniture to bejeweled chandeliers, Memrical Design Studio offers an exclusive inventory that will dazzle your guests and keep them talking!.

    IMG_0798 2
    Your Dream…

    Our elite design team  can work with you and help to create the ultimate dream wedding  .

    The Ultimate Experience!

    Custom-built for you and your guests, you can create the event of the century with Memrical Design Studio, Inc. .

Memrical Design Studio

Memrical Studio is Omaha's Elite Rental and Design Studio for all major events

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